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Carob Sunflower Power Balls

"Amazing," "delicious," "oh no, these are dangerous" It is not often that you come across a rich, decadent treat that can actually keeps your taste buds excited and your waist and hips slim. Oh, and did I say that they are filled with good protein and support thyroid health too...

What is this magic you speak of?

Carob Sunflower Power Balls! I've been playing with the recipe for a while. I started with ideas from a few different online sources, but found them either too crumbly and dry or just too sweet. That did not detour me. I wanted something that I could enjoy as a snack and on the go. I needed it to be something to support my activity level without weighing me down. Seriously, nothing feels better that a lead weight in your stomach when you want to dance the next 3-15 songs or hike down a trail for a few more miles. Plus, well, chocolate and me are a no go. My body has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to caffeine and chocolate has more than zero.

I wanted something delicious, nutritious, quick, easy, and filling without the food baby feeling. Tall order, but I can be rather driven when it comes to something I want. So with much experimenting, I came up with Carob Sunflower Power Balls. They are easy to make, satisfy the sweet tooth partly because carob is naturally sweet. Carob is also high in tyrosine and has some nice mineral continent. Sunflower butter is yummy by itself and because it is less strong in flavor than other nut butter, it blends well with other ingredients. And sunflower is naturally high in selenium! The combination of low sugar, the tyrosine in the carob, and the selenium in the sunflower make these little delights good for your thyroid too.

These little yummies have been taste tested and approved by chocolate lovers as well. In fact, many chocolate-loving friends have requested them when over for a visit. So without further ado...Carob Sunflower Power Balls

So decadent!


1/3 C Carob powder

1/3 C Sunflower Seed Butter (Peanut butter, almond butter, or other seed or nut butter)

3 T fine Coconut shreds

1 T Vanilla

1 t Gelatin

1 T MCT Oil or melted Coconut Oil

1 Date mashed

1 t Raw honey

Dash of sea salt

(you can add a little more seed butter if too dry or a little more carob powder if too wet)

Option 1: Orange Carob Balls

1/8 t grated orange rind

1 T Fresh Orange juice

Option 2: Peppermint Patty (this one gets high votes)

1 t Liquid Ginger (or 1 t Ginger powder + 1/2 t water)

2-3 drops Peppermint essential oil

Option 3: Tart Cherry Carob Balls

1 T Chopped dried tart cherries

1 t liquid Ginger (or 1 t Ginger powder + 1/2 t water)

Mix the Carob powder, sunflower butter, coconut shreds, and gelatin together. Then add honey, vanilla, oil, and mashed date until well blended. *You might find it better to use your clean hands to mix it all together at the end.

At the end, it is easier to mix with your hands

Then roll into 1" balls, place on wax paper and pop into the freezer for 1 hour. Then eat 1-2 when you need a little snack. Or take these little gems with you to the next pot luck and be the star of the group for bringing something so naughty and delicious. You can leave out the part about them being good for you and not at all naughty (well they are a little naughty).

Roll into 2 bites worth sized balls

Put onto wax paper and freeze

**These look pretty wintery/holidayish when you dip them into a little of the shredded coconut**

Thanks go to Sara Kremer for your excellent photos! Want to know more about her photographic skills...check out her website Also thanks goes to Dianne Olson for helping make a nice big batch and being a great hand model mixing it all up.

Kathi loves helping people find meaningful ways to live a modern life that is healthy! A healthy lifestyle does not have to be without tasty treats that help us power up and be amazing.

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