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Although chiropractic shares much with other health professions, its emphasis and application of philosophy distinguishes it from other forms of health care. Chiropractic philosophy believes in a whole person approach to healing. The understanding that a person's health is not merely based on the physical shell, Chiropractic care acknowledges that a whole person includes the mind, body and spirit. It also maintains that good health is dependent on following a life time of healthy habits. 


Chiropractic care looks at locating and correcting areas of the body, including the back or spine, that are functioning improperly and treating supporting tissues to restore and maintain a healthy body able to adapt to the stress of everyday living.


Our focus is on finding the specific care that will help you heal, keep you healthy, and on educating you on how to live a healthy lifestyle that helps you function at your full potential. 

As you embark on a healing journey, you will be empowered to find all that your body is capable of doing. We look forward to helping you on this journey.



Chiropractic Techniques that we use:

SOT - Chiropractic values the multifaceted techniques and therapy options that are available to help people heal and build health. While many have considerable value, I find Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT) goes beyond simple spinal adjusting and looks at methods of correcting the Cranium, Pelvis, Extremities and Organs creating a system of adjusting patterns in the body, not just single disconnected body parts. 

An important distinction of SOT is the use of indicators that signal when and where to adjust or apply therapy to your body. For example, muscle tension at the knee may indicate the pelvis needs correction, and connective tissue fibers at the base of the skull (called occipital fibers) indicate different vertebra in the back or spine may be in need of an adjustment. These indicators also tell me if the applied correction has been effective. As you heal, or have a new problem, we design a different adjustment set on each visit using these indicators and listening to the body each time. It takes study to master this method of care. SOT makes for an effective, precise adjustment without relying exclusively on x-rays or other imaging. It also gives me the freedom to choose how the adjustment is delivered. Some patients need very gentle adjustments while others need more direct adjustments for the correction to be made. 

Logan Basic - pays special attention to the system of body mechanics with extra emphasis on pelvic and spinal distortions that affect spinal structures. Logan Basic Technique is one of the most gentle full-spine adjusting techniques available and is wonderful for treating special conditions such as scoliosis, or during special times in our lives like during pregnancy, or with pediatric patients and fragile geriatric patients.


Flexion-Distraction - technique uses a specialized table that allows us to 'stretch' your back in a specific way while applying gentle pressure to your spine. In combination with the other techniques, people who are experiencing sciatica, disc herniation, spinal stenosis, failed back surgery syndromes, or general low back pain find this to be especially comfortable and relieving.

Activator - On occasion we use a small, hand-held instrument called the Activator Adjusting Instrument to deliver a gentle impulse force to the spine and joints of the body with the goal of restoring motion to the targeted area. It is often used to provide a gentle adjustment to more sensitive areas of the body or when a patient needs gentle adjusting.

Other Techniques - On certain patients or at certain times when the care requires a different style of adjustment or treatment, we will use it.  We utilize many common chiropractic techniques in addition to the one's listed above including; Diversified, Gonstead, Cox, and Thompson techniques.  Our purpose is to perform our care together using the highest ethics, integrity, and professional standards, never ceasing to improve the services we provide at every level. Read more about soft tissue therapies that we apply with patients.

Chiropractic Techniques
Adolescent Therapy

Infants, Children, and Teens

We often think of children as perfect, but they too can experience pain and dysfunction. In fact, with normal spills, tumbles, and the pressures of modern life, children can and do succumb to injuries, imbalances that lead to dysfunction, stress, and illness.

Infants are often in our clinic for care resulting from birth difficulties that put stress on their body. Some are experiencing difficulty nursing, or are spitting up excessively while others are in because they are scooting instead of crawling. Whatever the reason, it is important to make sure infants are developing properly and are experiencing the world in a peaceful and positive way.

Children are busy building motor control (balance, coordination and strength) which will serve them for the rest of their lives. Making sure they have shed their infantile motor programs for more appropriate mature movement patterns is key in their development. Addressing and correcting these patterns is paramount to improving a host of problems from learning disabilities to injury prevention and ultimately performance and capacity.

Adolescence is a busy time where academics and activities are becoming more complex and time consuming. As such, pre-teens and teens are populations to be under care with regular chiropractic check-ups. Sports and the activities of their daily lives start to ingrain, and they build repetitive behaviors that affect how their bodies function. Making sure they are ingraining proper habits that will build a healthy, functional adult is vital to them achieving whatever they are dreaming of.  This is when they build the habits that will ultimately lead to a lifestyle filled with movement, vibrancy and health.  


Nutrition and Supplement Therapy

It’s no secret that poor diet, physical inactivity, and stress are major contributors to chronic disease and poor health. Nutrition Counseling and supplement therapy is a restorative approach that seeks to prevent and manage the conditions caused by genetic tendencies and lifestyle habits.

Because nutrition is such profound part of health and healing, Dr Doblebower obtained a post doctorate degree in nutrition from the American Clinical Board of Nutrition. While some of the nutritional strategies we might use together might seem strange or different from what you have heard, they are time tested health building therapeutics. When we experience the balancing and restoration of certain body functions, we learn how the body works; we learn lessons we should have learned as children, but missed due to our modern, unnatural lifestyle—lessons such as the value of fever, the cleansing ways of the body, and many more.

We will analyse your eating habits, exercise and health history in addition to sleep, social, and stress-related habits. Blood or other laboratory testing may be utilized to determine specific nutritional needs. Together, and with the information gathered, we can develop a personalized nutrition, physical activity, and/or stress management program to help you be your best.

Dietary recommendations and nutritional supplements are often given to support and improve illness, injury, recovery, or to enhance well-being. Our preference is to use whole-food supplements that provide nutrition though natural organic sources, as opposed to synthetic manufactured vitamins. At times, a high potency herbal complex will be given to improve the balance or function of a body system. The supplements that we recommend are developed based on years of research and are tested for their potency and safety. They provide the proper dosages for optimal absorption into your body which increases the effectiveness of the therapy and is more cost effective for the patient. 



Many of us find ourselves dealing with tight, hyperactive muscles that are incredibly persistent. These muscles can sometimes feel like they are screaming at us from our shoulders, neck, hips, and low back. There are many techniques to provide relief. One technique we find very effective at providing lasting relief from tight muscles or trigger points is dry needling.


Dry needling is a technique where a fine needle (much like an acupuncture needle) is inserted into the skin, fascia, and generally the muscle belly or tendon to reduce muscle tension. The physiological mechanisms by which muscle tension is relieved is continuing to be researched. However, clinical and randomized trials support use of dry needling with tight musculature. This technique often results in reduced pain, improved posture, and reduced muscle tension. It may also improve neuromuscular activation, facilitating reprogramming of motor control patterns that may have previously been dysfunctional. These benefits translate to improved function and helps you move forward with other care that can help you heal. Patients often say that it helps enhance and extend the benefits of other therapies performed in the clinic, such as chiropractic manipulative techniques and rehabilitation. Everyone’s response to dry needling is unique, and many people find dry needling life changing. With our experience and clinical insight, we will recommend this treatment if we feel it will be beneficial for your care.

Dry Needling

Dry Needling


Rehabilitation seeks to restore balance, strength, pain-free movement and quality of life through ‘active’ therapies. This is a broad field of therapies that includes a combination of movement, education, and hands-on techniques.

Whether your need is decreased pain, improved function, or to manage a chronic condition, movement may be your best medicine. We will use your detailed health history, movement evaluation, and orthopedic/neurologic testing, to help tailor your in-office and home-exercise programs. Most of the therapies are based in active care and education and require active participation from you.

There are times we need to apply soft tissue or supportive therapy, like instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (like Graston® or FAKTR) or kinesio-taping, until or while your body is improving its movement. These passive or cooperative therapies are designed to progress you faster towards active care and are sometimes the necessary care needed to get you past a healing plateau.


Function & Performance

Functional and performance care is a really a framework for making decisions based on an individual persons functional needs and what performance goals they may have. Together, we will focus on a sustainable approach to therapy and activity. Our aim is to increase quality of performance and life. We are all designed to move; we all can benefit from functional and performance care. Since we all need to be active, we start with where you are at and improve on your function to drive your performance.


This type of care incorporates movement, nutrition, and recovery together as a dynamic rehabilitation and restoration of the body. We can approach this from improving overall function or from a sport or job specific need. Functional and performance care is meant to be biopsychosocial, meaning we work together toward targeted goals over the long term with social, economic, and overall health markers like stress and coping support systems to progress through time.

This is not always a 'feel good' program and requires a great deal of teamwork from the patient and doctor. However, the long term rewards are a life long journey of improved function, performance, and health.


A Healthy Lifestyle

The human body is constantly trying to heal and repair itself, saving energy and reserves in an effort to heal the chronic wounds and imbalances created through living. If given a chance, the body can and will repair and renew itself to a near perfect state. The way to support repair and renewal is by reducing toxic and immune burdens to the body, providing vital and energized nutrition, and practicing a lifestyle that respects the subtle needs and rhythms of the body, mind, and spirit. This is why we approach your health in a wholistic way with the concept of evolution towards entire whole body healing process, strengthening system after system, tissue after tissue.

Health is never a destination; health is the journey of your lifetime.

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