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Want to know more about the Supplement Companies We recommend?

Be Health Informed

Local People  & Organizations We Suggest

Gallatin Valley Botanical - Local, Organic Farm providing Community Supported Agraculture Farm Shares delivered right her to Park County Chiropractic (and locations in Bozeman too). They supply many local restaurants and stores with organic produce too.

Wolf Ridge Icelandic - Holistic Management of 100% grassfed lamb using sustainable and economically viable land management practices.

Cowgirl Meat Co - Big Timber local pasture beef and pork never fed an antibiotic and are hormone free. They believe strongly in caring for their animals and the land!

Red Fox Farms - May be have pasture animals.

Food Works - Livingston's own health food store. Under new ownership with a focus on providing local produce, meats, dairy...ya know good clean food.

Wild Rose Market - Local garden seedlings and a little bits of local grown produce.

Livingston Park & Recreation - Want to get yourself or your family a fun activity that is all about moving and playing? Check it out. 

Railyard Fitness - Personal Trainers that we trust to help build strength and fitness right.

Crossfit Livingston - Local Cross Fit Gym doing some pretty swell stuff to keep people moving and building strength.

Crazy Mountain Catering - Faith Petersen is a lovely soul with a passion. She has a degree from New England Culinary Institute and a diverse culinary background gained by working in Wisconsin, Vermont, and Boston as well as here in Montana. Not only that, she understands how important healthy, local food is for all of us.

The Spur Line - Natural food for your pets and animals. They are super friendly too!

Querencia - Justin Cottingham is a dog trainer and also has kennels for when you are away and want to make sure your furry friend is carefully cared for.  

Producer Partnership - Local producers, meat processors and local food centers working in partnership to provide Montana beef to individuals and families with food insecurity…this is the spirit of Montana neighbors helping one another in times of trouble. Volunteer or donate if you can.

Amory Cameron, RMT - Massage Therapist located right next to Park County Chiropractic. Amory is a skilled massage therapist and very kind person. Contact her at or 406.223.8585 for an appointment.

Salvia Harris, LMP - Massage Therapist located within Park County Chiropractic. She is a great human and provides an extortionary massage. Contact her directly for appointment at 406.272.5270 or schedule directly with her at Schedulicity. She also owes Yellowstone Herb Company that makes Soothing Massage Oils and Balms. with Montana Hemp CBD extract and essential oils.

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