Patient Center

"Good Health is neither a fad nor a trend, it is a lifestyle." 

Welcome. If you are a new patient to Park County Chiropractic, please read over the information and the New Patient Page. You can download your New Patient Forms to fill out and learn more about what to expect on your first visit.

This will take you to the list of videos for your home rehab, nutrition, and other educational and health building information. Many of the activities and training has been explained to you are here as a refresher.

We have a whole page dedicated to understanding how Dr Dobelbower and Dr Raney treat patients with Chiropractic care, Rehabilitation, Functional Movement, Nutrition, as well as other treatments options they provide.

Looking for products that support a healthy lifestyle? Great! We have curated several products that support just that. There are excellent quality essential oils, healthy cooking fats, yummy drinking teas, topicals to help you with sore muscles, eye drops for irritated eyes....check it out and place an order that comes right to your door. It is easy to set up an account, secure ordering, and we've even set up a discount for you!

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