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Hi there everyone I'm Meagan. I might be the first person you see when you arrive at Park County Chiropractic! You might see me helping Dr's Steve and Brady elsewhere in the clinic too. So feel free to ask me questions or let me know how I can help you. If I cannot answer your question, I will know who to get on it for you!

I was born and raised in southeastern Idaho. I married a Montanan and had two Montanans, Brice and Constance, shorty there after. We moved to Livingston because of our love for wind ,snow, more snow, and the glorious one day of summer we have here. Actually, we really enjoy camping, atv riding, and fishing. Montana is pretty good for all of that. 

Some people may know me from my work with a local non-profit organization. After 12 years helping those with disabilities, I realized that I was in need of a change. Having been a patient of Dr. Dobelbower's for several years and having gained massive benefits from his treatment with chiropractic and nutritional care, I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of Park County Chirorpactic. Now as part of the team, I'm very happy to help all patients with all of their questions and scheduling needs. I look forward to helping to make each and everyone of you feel comfortable, even when your situation is a bit unnerving. I really enjoy helping people and am so excited to be able to do that at Park County Chiropractic.

Hi I'm Kathi! You will often see me at the front when you come in,speak with me on the phone when you are scheduling appointments, or my might even get to work with me in the rehab room. I am here to make sure your care at Park County Chiropractic is great and you feel like you've found a health care family. Chiropractic and nutrition have been a major part of my life and would never want to be without the benefits they provide! I truly am able to live a more vibrant and fulfilling life. That is why I am still engaged after 25+ years in the Chiropractic world. 

One would think that being at your job with your spouse is too much, but Steve and I have found it to be pretty swell really. Steve is still my best friend after 25+ years of marriage. So when I am not in the clinic, I am often out hiking, fishing, cross country skiing, or dancing with him.

Speaking of dancing, I like to, a lot. Dancing is how we met Sara. I like it so much so, that I run a volunteer organization called Bozeman Swing. It is dedicated to vintage swing styles of dance like Lindy Hop and Balboa. It is through swing dancing that I also found my love for swing and Jazz music. If you want to learn more, head on over to our facebook page.

My other passions include reading, making and eating healthy yummy food especially local grown and raised, and travel! Oh and I am learning Esperanto...

Hi, I'm Dr. Steve and I was born and raised in Topeka, KS. I am the youngest of my parents four children and despite being challenged with asthma (and an early brush with death) I was very active in Music, Sports and Scouting. I played the drums in the high school marching band, was a letter-man in golf, and achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. I attended both University of Kansas and Washburn University and it was there that I met Kathi. We both finished our undergraduate degrees at Washburn, got married, and moved to St Louis, MO. We began our wedded life together while I started both my second bachelor degree and my doctorate in Chiropractic at Logan College of Chiropractic.

Kathi and I wanted to live someplace that had lots of nice people, where community mattered, where we could find good healthy food, we could hike, fish, hunt and be active in fresh air and blue skies and Livingston fit the bill.

So 18+ years later we are still enjoying ourselves. I've continued my love for hiking, fishing, hunting, and so many of the outdoor activities Montana affords us. Arguably, my greatest joy is dancing, and Kathi and I do this as our number one hobby.

My other passions include watching KU Jayhawk basketball, tinkering in my wood shop and traveling (to dance or hiking or both of course)!

Hello, I’m Dr. Brady and I am lucky to have been born and raised in this wonderful community.
I met Dr. Steve and Kathi and found the benefits of Chiropractic when a good friend recommended I seek their help after a series of traumatic events from my adventurous life exploring the great outdoors. The profound healing and benefits of Chiropractic, nutritional supports, and dietary
experimentation over the following years made me envision myself as a Chiropractor. After finishing my undergraduate studies in Bozeman, I made the voyage west to live in the Columbia River Gorge and begin my studies and training at the University of Western States in pursuit of a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. After 7 years of focused studies and completing an internship at the Fort Meade VA hospital in the Black Hills, I am thrilled to join Park County Chiropractic and begin practice in this amazing part of the world (it’s my favorite!).
When I am not in the clinic you will likely find me, with my furry sidekick Fia, on one of the countless
trails across the region or running on foot around town. I enjoy running, climbing, skiing, hunting,
and pretty much anything outside that involves exploration and adventure, and maybe a little
relaxing! Oh, and I absolutely love food (for real), especially all of the locally sourced nutrient
dense grub that we are incredibly fortunate to have all around us! 

Hi! I’m Sara. I am no longer with Park County Chiropractic, but I continue to be present in spirit. I have moved to AZ with my family. Currently I am teaching and enjoying my creative work and research that integrates photography, textile arts, writing, psychology, sociology and more.

With my remaining free time I enjoy multiple pursuits including vintage swing dancing which is how I met Dr. Steve and Kathi. I also like reading, knitting, sewing, traveling, and spending lots of time with my BFF, Thoe, a corgi. 

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